Monday, 25 April 2016

Why On-page-SEO is very important for Search Engines?

SEO, this is the term that is what we all need to rank up in Google. This term is definitely short, but the meaning and application is as wide as we can possibly imagine. This is very interesting that nearly everyone knows about SEO but only few are really close to understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Some people call SEO as Internet marketing, while other call it website marketing. Whatever the name is, the process is indeed the same everywhere. So, if you are one of those people who still want to learn about SEO, then below given 5 tips will help you in every aspect.
1.      On page seo – Yes you might have heard about on page SEO a lot, but still might not get what this is all about. Let me tell you something about on page SEO. This is just optimizing the main pages of your website, which you want to rank. For example, you are selling boots for men, and you want your customers to see your page for this particular page, then you must insert this particular keyword in the content of that page. 
      If Google crawlers are unable to find the relevant content, then they will never rank your page for that particular page. That’s the main reason why SEO experts say that On page SEO is the main key, because without On page SEO, you can never move on to something else.
2.      Heading tag- Google just loves heading tags. So, it’s always better to make sure that your keyword is in the heading. Now in process of creating a heading that must contain the keyword, don’t ruin the heading. It’s better to make it look original and up to standards. If by chance your heading is not having the keyword because it does not look natural then you can just give a long and attractive heading.
3.      Sub headings – sub headings are the most ignored parts of SEO, people think that if they are already having a main heading, then why they need sub heading. Ok, Google is not using any human to cross check your content, they are using bots. So they follow some algorithms, like if the content is well divided into paragraphs. Is the content written as per natural English etc? So, if they find that your content is not having any sub heading, they will assume your content as a whole paragraph and Google will not rank it any further.
4.      Meta – a summary of your page that can actually specify everything your page is all about. This is indeed the trickiest and toughest part of content. It needs skills to specify a Meta tag. But make sure the keyword is in the Meta description or Meta tag.
5.      Image tag – If you are wondering about, why there are images in various contents as a part of SEO, then you must understand that Google crawlers don’t read video and images. They just check the Alternative tags of the images, and based on that they rank the images. So if you are inserting images then make sure that you are using the keywords as your Alternative text.

So, as you can see that these are some of the most effective texts for SEO. Apart from these things you need best Best SEO Service, Content writing, SMM providing Company in India then you must contact someone who knows about these things better.

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